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Bright Consult Ltd has a team of well-prepared specialists with extensive experience in the fields of valuation, financial and investment analysis, and project management. Our employees have master’s degrees in economy and technical sciences, as well as additional qualifications in various areas, including licenses for valuation of different types of assets. All experts in the company are employed under permanent labor contracts, which ensures their professional and responsible engagement in the implementation of the assigned tasks and projects.

The valuation experts, working for the company, are licensed by the Privatization Agency and have international certificates for their professional activities issued by authoritative institutions in the USA, Germany and other European countries.

Bright Consult Ltd has licensed appraisers for valuation services in the following areas:

p Real estates,
p Machines and equipment,
p Whole enterprises,
p Financial assets and institutions,
p Industrial and intellectual property rights.


As a legal person Bright Consult Ltd has license № 5918 for valuation of real estates, machines and equipment and whole enterprises.

The core expert staff of the company includes former associates at the Institute for Industry Development – Sofia, who have been successfully working in cooperation with each other for more than 25 years. A high degree of professional experience, the ability to work in a team, the intermittent drive for self – perfection and the respect for clients, are basic requirements the company has for its employees.

The experts working for Bright Consult Ltd have participated in the drafting of a number of projects within the framework of the UNIDO/UNDP and have received additional qualification in leading European institutes and universities.





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