Clients and Contracting Authorities

Bright Consult Ltd. is actively engaged with a wide network of clients – both Bulgarian and foreign, with individual and legal entities, and is a preferred contractor of the ‘Big 6’ consulting companies.

Significant joint projects and appraisals:

  • with KPMG: appraisal of in-kind contributions by Domain Boyar and Vinprom Ruse during the establishment of Boyar Estate;
  • with Raifeisen Investment: contractor during the preparation of the privatization assessments for DIUNI Ltd, ASAREL.MEDET Ltd, GORUBSO-MADAN Ltd, GORUBSO-ROF, GORUBSO-LUCKY Ltd;
  • with Deloit & Toushe: contactor for the privatization assessment of DZI;
  • with Res & Co: during the assessment of the enterprises form the ‘Industrial Construction’ system;
  • with CollierErdmanLevis, London: during the appraisal of the English Embassy building in Sofia, Moskovska Str. 9;

Most of Bulgaria’s largest banks are also amongst our clients.