Bright Consult Ltd was founded in 1994, establishing itself over its 25-year run as one of the leading exclusively Bulgarian appraisal companies in the country.

 BRIGHT CONSULT Ltd team members have gathered extensive experience during the appraisal of a vast number of assets and sites, including financial and insurance institutions. All team members are highly educated and have additional qualifications in a variety of different fields. Our certified appraisers are permanently employed by the company, guaranteeing a high degree of professionalism and responsibility while carrying out their assignments.

Our employees are certified by the Bulgarian Chamber of Independent appraisers. They have been awarded certificates for practicing their profession by authorized international institutions.

Our company’s team includes specialist certified in the fields of appraisal of:

Real estate

Machines and equipment

Commercial establishments

Financial assets and institutions

Intellectual and industrial property rights and other factual relations

Agricultural land and permanent crops

Thanks to its long years of experience, our company offer consulting in virtually all the fields of of the economy:

All branches of industry



Services and others

Bright Consult has a developed network of partners across the entire country of Bulgaria.

Bright Consult Team

Our experts are professionals with all the necessary qualifications and experience

Valentin Parvanov


e-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: +359 888 32 53 90

Memberships& Certifications

Level I and II Appraiser certification from the American Society of Appraisers

REV certificate REV-BG/CPV/2023/13

International consultant for UNIDO regarding matters of industrial development, investment, and marketing

Co-founder of the European Society of Appraisers for investment and social projects – December 1994, Hague, Holland

Our network of partners spans the entire country.

Bright Consult Ltd agents within the country work by representing the company, following company standards, the ethical codex, and the requirements and standards for business appraisal.


Contact us

e-mail: [email protected]



+359 888 72 21 12

+359 875 11 09 35

+359 2 917 01 80

Bright Consult Representatives

SofiaValentin Parvanov
Mihail Parvanov
Tsvetelina Parvanova
Nikola Markov
Alexandra Zhivkova
Antoaneta Bozvelieva
Valentin Dossev
Galina Yovcheva
Ivanka Kiosovska
Antonio Dimitrov
AsenovgradGalina Bakalski
BlagoevgradVanya Simeonova
Petyo Tanev
BotevgradStefka Rashevska
BourgasYonka Yancheva
VarnaElenka Petkova
Philippine Siderova
Svetla Boncheva
Deyan Donchev
Veliko TarnovoStanislava Banova
VidinStefka Rashevska
VratsaStefka Rashevska
VarshetsStefka Rashevska
Rositsa Nikolova
Rositsa Doneva
Gorna OryahovitsaStanislava Banova
Gotse DelchevVanya Simeonova
Petyo Tanev
DimitrovgradMariana Ivanova
DobrichIvanka Kurteva
DupnitsaVanya Simeonova
Petyo Tanev
LovechRositsa Kostova
LomStefka Rashevska
MontanaStefka Rashevska
PazardzhikAngel Angelov
Stoicho Krastev
PlovdivGalina Bakalski
Tsvetanka Lefterova
PlevenRositsa Kostova
Vanya Simeonova
Petyov Tanev
RazlogVanya Simeonova
Petyov Tanev
RuseVladimir Kotsev
Stanimir Kotsev
Vassya Kotzeva
Georgi Chobanov
SandanskiVanya Simeonova
Petyov Tanev
SevlievoRositsa Doneva
SvishtovPenka Vassileva
Tsanko Spassovski
SlivenDoycho Doychev
Marieta Petkova
Stara ZagoraGosho Georgiev
Ivan Ivanov
TroyanPenka Vassileva
Tsanko Spassovski
HaskovoMariana Ivanova
ShumenSimeon Kutsarov
YambolDoycho Doychev
Marieta Petkova